The Design And Concept - The Kayon Resort - Truly Ubud Arts

The Design And Concept

The name of Kayon is come from the owner idea to present a truly Ubud Arts & Culture experience to every guest entire the resort. Work with the Balinese Architect and Local Hotel Management Operator who also have inline desire, to brainstorm thinking every details design and material. The Kayon is designed with rich of carving, paintings and using the local material, stone, wood and bamboo to respect the Ubud soul of culture and Arts. The resort built following the land contour and works with as much of the existing natural habitat to blend with the surroundings, respected the prohibition to keep the healing vibe.

Kayon means a tree of life with colorful Joy and challenge, the shape of Kayon are implemented on architecture, swimming pool, Bath tub and details of artwork. Kayon is symbolizing of the universe to open and close the story played in Wayang Kulit or Puppet Shadow show. The resort features the Ramayana story on the paintings, carvings which has lots of religious life and love advice. The true love story of Rama & Shinta are captured in almost 50 meters stone wall relief entire the resort, carved by ten talented local stone carving artist with three month work to finish.