Puspaka Chapel - The Kayon Resort - Wedding Chapel

Puspaka Chapel

The name of Puspaka is inspired from the story when the King Rama doubt about his wife Shinta love devotion after being kidnapped by Rahwana, then Shinta prove it with jump into fire. The God of Surya shown this devotion then blessed Shinta was not burned, magically the fire changes into lily flower petals and the smoke become a fragrant covering the place. The true love is proved, Rama then takes Shinta into the PUSPAKA Royal carriage.

A floating Puspaka Chapel at the Kayon resort is set incorporate with Yoga pavilion has a truly Ubud magnificent natural setting of rice field, Jungles and river sounds. Designed with the antique Balinese royal carriage and decorated with local flowers will take you to the spirit of Shinta Love devotion when say ‘Yes I Do’ witnessed with your lovely family and best friends.