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The Location

Since being discovered, the area of Ubud has always been highly regarded by the Balinese for its immense spiritual powers. Even the term Ubud is derived from the term Ubad, meaning medicine in reference to the traditional healing properties of the array of plants that randomly grow here.

Ubud is remarkable spiritual town in the heart of Bali, a retreat for those seeking peace of mind clarity of thought and inspiration in the arts, culture, dance and music. Healing, comfort, nature and inspiration create Ubud sanctuary. Ubud is a romantic setting for an intimate Honeymoon entire nature and culture.

Kepitu Village is only ten minutes drive from Ubud center, an exotic destination for heritage, spiritual healing and culture holiday experience. Kepitu village has wealth of historical heritage and ancient temples. Telaga Waja temple is one of the temple in this village was built in 10th century the Meditation place of Buddha Kasogatan and the followers, and now become the place for purify ritual and blessing those who doesn't have children after marriage. The strict rule of Purify bath ritual is without wearing clothes.

• Airport 80 minutes
• Kuta 70 minutes
• Sanur 50 minutes
• Ubud Palace and Ubud Market 10 minutes
• Ubud Monkey Forest 15 Minutes
• Tampak Siring Holy Spring 15 minutes
• Ceking Tegallalang Rice Terrace 10 minutes
• Batur Volcano 25 Minutes
• Jimbaran 80 minutes
• Nusa Dua 80 minutes

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