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Serayu Spa

Serayu Spa at The Kayon Resort

~ Welcome to the Serayu Spa ~

Serayu Spa is the spa for the people who love life, where "life enthusiastic" can relax and make the most of their trip. This is the spa designed to facilitate the fundamental needs for recharging while travelling, where guests will find warm, genuine and comfortable atmosphere.
Whether sharing your spa experiences with friends or loved ones, or taking a time out, Serayu Spa will helps guests to find their glow and to have fun while they are in it.
Find your glow, brighten your mood and enjoy the moment!!
The Serayu Spa open from 09.00am - 09.00pm


Serayu Manicure
60 minutes IDR 400K
Luxurious conditioning care for your hands. More youthful hands through nail filling, cuticle trimming and minimizing, with exploitation to the hands massage. Allowing the hands to appear softer and smoother. Nail polish or buffing included.

Serayu Pedicure
60 minutes IDR 400K
Pampering time for your feet, we begin with an aromatic foot soak and scrub. Filling cuticle minimizing, pampering foot or leg massage to enhance the condition of your beautiful feet. Nail polish or buffing included.

Serayu experience
90 minutes IDR 650K
Pampering time for your face and feet, anti-aging facial perfectly counteract any sign of early aging, to combat excessive dryness, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. Experience the visible benefits of age-defying booster and pampering your foot and leg massage to enhance the condition of your beautiful feet, cutting and nail polish or buffing included.

Hair Wash and Air Blow Dry
60 minutes IDR 350K

Traditional Facial
60 minutes IDR 450K
A natural secret to regenerate the face using Indonesian’s natural product.

Serayu Waxing
Eliminate unwanted hair with special wax for sooting and less pain hair remover.
Half leg 30 Minutes IDR 300K
Half arm 30 Minutes IDR 300K
Full leg 50 Minutes IDR 400K
Full arm 50 Minutes IDR 350K
Under arm 40 Minutes IDR 250K


Traditional Balinese Massage
30 minutes IDR 300K
60 minutes IDR 500K
90 minutes IDR 650K
A well-known Balinese ancient way with the combination of long strokes, pressure point and palm pressure will ease and release the muscle tension. Using the coconut and ginger oil, explore the warmth that stimulates the blood circulation.

Serayu Stone Massage
60 minutes IDR 650K
90 minutes IDR 750K
A combination massages using hands and followed by hot stone massage. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles.

Foot Reflexology
30 minutes IDR 300K
60 minutes IDR 450K
A pressure point to the sole feet and massage on the leg to improve the health and balance the body system.

Serayu Signature
90 minutes IDR 650K
The invigorating spa treatment commences with an aromatic foot bath to cleanse and prepare you for an indulgence massage. Allow the therapist to soothe away your tension and stress with an authentic Balinese massage treatment that will revitalize your senses. The foot massage at the end of the treatment completes this experience to leave your entire body feeling more relaxed and healthier.


Serayu Scrub
60 minutes IDR 500K
The nature's best exfoliating methods of the Indonesian beauty rituals to cleanse, smooth, soften, and rejuvenate their skin. This also eliminates dead skin cells through the blend of finely ground of white turmeric and rice powder. After the deep exfoliating, will refresh and moisturize the skin with yogurt conditioner.

Latte Scrub
60 minutes IDR 500K
A fine grounded coffee exfoliation help to reduce cellulite, to firm and smooth the skin. The aroma of coffee relaxes the muscles. It will followed by a rich moisturizer of milk and honey to tone the skin.

Coconut Vanilla Milk Bath
60 minutes IDR 600K
Nourish your skin with a natural coconut vanilla bodyscrub which are rich in natural active ingredients, then seal with a nourising and relaxing milk bath to leave your skin fresh, radiant and glow.

Balinese BorehBody Wrap
60 minutes IDR 450K
The heat of natural herbs from Indonesia brought to you to help the circulation and natural detoxify.

Spa Package

Ratih Kamajaya
180 minutes IDR 1.000K per person
Create a romance accompanied by the sound of flowing river. Experience a combination of relaxing Serayu Hot Stone massage and foot reflexology followed by fresh grounded coffee with milk and honey body moisturizer. Enhance this romantic scene with milk and flower bath with finger food and healthy smoothness.

Luxurious Spa Journeys
120 minutes IDR 850K per person
Indulgence from head to toe, the combination of traditional treatment is designed to leave your feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated. Startyour journeys with foot ritual followed by full body massage and herbal treatment to loosen energy blockages and recoup deficiencies,complete the treatment with a relaxing herbal bath.

Serayu Ritual
120 minutes IDR 900K per person
Bring the ancient traditions and enhance the luxurious feeling with a Balinese massage followed with Serayu Body scrub and yogurt skin conditioner. Enjoy the breeze during the flower bath while enjoying the herbal tea and cookies.

Serayu Swing
90 minutes IDR 750K per person
A quick recovery and restore from the hectic world. Enjoy the traditional massage with a choice of express facial or latte scrub.

Exotic Indulgence
150 minutes IDR 1.750K per couple
Pamper yourself and your partner, allow our therapist take the two of you on a sensory journey. Started with foot ritual, followed with traditional Balinese massage, coconut scrub, vanilla body mask and flower bath.

Traditional Radiance
120 minutes IDR 800K ++ per person & IDR 1.500K per couple
Let the scent of happiness and nature's nurturing essences touches, pampering you with sense of touch. Started with foot ritual, chocolate body scrub, fresh shower, traditional Balinese massage or traditional facial.


Pevonia Organic Facial
60 minutes IDR 500K per person
Restore a healthy skin balance with pure essential oil blends and rich multi-vitamin masks to restore freshness and radiance. Pure essential oils and blended plant extracts are massaged into skin, customized for your individual skin type. Water lily mask to soothe, nourish and balance, leaving the skin radiant, healthier and softer. Includes soothing hand and scalp massage.

Pevonia Collagen Facial
60 minutes IDR 500K per person
Anti Aging
Perfectly counteract any signs of early aging, to combat excessive dryness, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. Experience the visible benefits of Age-Defying Collagen booster. Richin concentrated MarineCollagen and Myoxy caviar, perfect to refresh and fight signs of dehydration due to the humidity leaves skin supple with radiant youthful glow.

Pevonia Men Facial
60 minutes IDR 500K per person
Razor rash, skin irritation or sensitivity are all treated in this executive facial for him. Combining Green Tea and other phyto extracts, this facial treatment will calm, heal, and truly enrich your skin. Leaving your skin clean, refresh and healthy.


Rejuvenating & anti-aging Massage
60 minutes IDR 600K per person
Not only ease muscle tension but wonderfully restore youthful-looking skin, lifting and firming. Rich in Squalane oil, Orange oil, and vitamin E to counteracts premature aging.

Sunburn body mask
30 minutes IDR 400K per person
Body mask treatment using pevonia water lily product is good for sunburn problem and For rejuvenation your skin.


The Ultimate Bliss
150 minutes IDR 1500K per person
Footbath - Tropical De-aging scrub - De-aging body massage - Express Organic facial - Tropical bath.
A heavenly face and body treat! A divine aroma senses journey to pamper your mind and ultimate skin rejuvenation as the result. Delivering smooth, firmer and brighter skin with the rich anti-aging ingredients, and lull your senses into a state of relaxed bliss.

Classic Rejuvenation
120 minutes IDR 1000K per person
Footbath - Mango & Passionfruit scrub - Body Massage - Tropical Bath
True rejuvenation experience to pamper not only your body but also your mind. The rich fruits extract and salt delivers nutrients and mineralized your skin, continue with a relaxing body massage and pampering tropical bath to conclude your spa journey.

De-stress Aromatic Cocoon
120 minutes IDR 1200K per person
When the pressure of living today's modern world get too much, revitalize your depleted energy level and give tired looking skinwith a new lease of life. Natural essential oils soothe your senses as they are warmly applied to stimulate your body's ability to release stress.

Serayu Delight
90 minutes IDR 800K per person
Body massage combined with your choice of : Express Organic facial or energizing Mango Passion fruit scrub
Restore energy and healthy radiant skin is easy! Take your choice of Express Organic facial OR energizing Mango Passionfruit scrub to get maximum benefit for your skin.

*All about prices are in "000" Rupiah and subject to 21% Government Tax and Service Charge

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